Mobile app

AI based Checkout-free stores

Enter. Grab. And go.

Revotail store - is simple


Enter store

Customer installs mobile app and binds bank card to the account.

Upon entering the store, he places the phone screen on the reader and the door to the store opens. Now he can make purchases.


Customer shops like always. He takes goods from the shelves and returns them back.

Goods can be put into a shopping basket or right into a bag or pocket.


Walk out

No need to waste time in queue. Customer just walks out from store.

Money will be debited from the customer’s bank card. The receipt will be sent to the app or email.

Fast shoping + Happy customers = $$$

Step Step

Sales increase

No queues and the ability to make a purchase quickly is a direct way to improve the quality of customer service. Customers go to the store where it is more convenient for them to make purchases.

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Expenses reduction

Retailers save on store maintenance, which leads to increased margins. No more staff costs and expensive square meters for cash registers

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Advanced analytics

Retail will receive detailed analytics: which shelves are more popular, which goods customers take from shelves and return, and which ones they don’t even touch

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Available stores

The operational efficiency of the store will lead to the fact that retail will be able to open more stores in low-traffic locations. Stores change their appearance and will be able to contact customers omnichannel